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4th December 2019
Brazil Serie A

Atletico Mineiro

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About The Orcale

Being currently employed as a soccer consultant, The Oracle is understandably a little sensitive about his current employers finding out about his growing reputation as a private advisor.

After all, they pay him to win money for them as a bookmaker not line your pockets as a private client.

As such his true identity must remain a secret, at least for now.

His true name matters little however.

What you need to know is that he has many years experience inside the betting industry.

This service is most definitely a case of game keeper turned poacher.

The Oracle has worked for a number of companies in different environments, ranging from high street shops to compiling positions for both fixed odds and spread betting firms.

He continues to work in the industry on a consultancy basis.

Now is your chance to have him working for you using the secrets they taught him.

The Oracle is a specialist. Horses and Dogs are of little interest to him.

His passion and experience is in soccer betting.

He watches 10-15 games every week mainly on TV but he also travels to a large number of games each season in person.

In addition to his own knowledge and experience, his years in the betting industry have led him to make a number of useful and trusted contacts to whom he peaks regularly, debating the strengths and weaknesses of different teams, players and coaches. He will generally speak to several contacts before recommending a bet and will only do so if he believes it to be good value.

Oracle - someone who knows a lot about a subject and can give good advice. Often associated mythically with an ability to foresee the future.